Het geheim van succesvol samenwerken


succesvol samenwerken

Datum: 26 september 2018

Tijd: 14:00 - 18:30

Locatie: Impact Hub Amsterdam 2C Linnaeusstraat 1092 CK Amsterdam

To make a real impact, solid collaboration with like-minded partners is needed. But how do you set up a truly flourishing partnership? How can entrepreneurs and investors work together to make impact on the ground?

Others have done it before. How did they do it?

Four successful impact enterprises will be unpacked. In all cases, the spirit of the entrepreneurs, financial possibilities provided by their investors, and support from their partner networks strengthened each other to build successful collaboration. We are pleased to be joined by entrepreneurs making impact in circular economy, ethical fashion, healthy food and inclusion. The entrepreneur-investor duos include Goodhout & an angel investor | NORMN Hangers & Fashion for Good. The other partners who will be joining us will be added here soon.

All stories focus on making impact. In addition to ‘unpacking’ four business cases, the entrepreneurs will bring key questions they need to answer in order to advance their enterprise, which we will help answer collectively.

Unpack Impact keynote | Christian Felber

World-renowned speaker Christian Felber will be inspiring and provoking us to think about what is needed to build an economy that serves the well-being of people and planet. Felber has authored several international bestsellers, including ‘Change everything: Creating an economy for the common good’. In 2010, he founded the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) movement and the Bank for the Common Good project, which advocate for a more ethical economic model that serve the planet and its population instead of simply maximising profits. Since its launch, the ECG’s framework has gained the support of over 2,200 companies across 50 countries, as well as the EU’s Economic and Social Committee.

Why attend Unpack Impact

By bringing together impact enterprises, impact-driven investors and social firms, we strive to connect, encourage and stimulate conscious capital, as well as build collaborations to solve local and global challenges.

An event during Amsterdam Capital Week.

The event is organised in affiliation with Amsterdam Capital Week.

Unpack Impact is a co-creation between the Municipality of Amsterdam – Amsterdam Impact – and Impact Hub Amsterdam.

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