Joining forces to scale up European innovations


De Metropoolregio Amsterdam en de Amsterdam Economic Board organiseren op 18 oktober in Brussel een event over best practices en onderzoek naar het opschalen van innovatieve projecten (zoals bijv. de energietransitie) die bijdragen aan grootstedelijke uitdagingen. Er wordt voornamelijk gekeken naar de uitdagingen Circulaire Economie en Digitale Connectiviteit. Tijdens het event zal er ruimte zijn voor interactie en netwerken.

Dit event is in het Engels, meer informatie over het programma en aanmelden leest u hier.


How can European and local government policy accelerate transitions such as the energy transition, aiming for a circular economy and more? Most transitions require collaboration in innovation projects with different stakeholders such as industry, government, knowledge institutes and citizens. Local and regional governments are playing a key role in both upscaling and reaching out to the European citizens. Nowadays in the EU we have learned how to roll-out technological solutions in demonstrations or living labs. Technology is no longer the main issue to address, we have to create real change. Change that will cause the transitions needed for our societal challenges. To do this, we have to scale up successful pilots from European cities and regions.

How to upscale European innovations?

During our event on 18 October 2017, we aspire to lift more than a corner of the veil covering upscaling. We will present you scientific insights into upscaling of public-private cooperation based on research the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences conducted on 12 projects in the Amsterdam region. For example: how important is it to have very specific knowledge about the upscaling that you aim for, before starting a pilot project? What will increase the success of upscaling, and what will prevent it?
We will illustrate the scientific insights with examples from our metropolitan region, within two of the metropolitan challenges our region is working on: Digital Connectivity and Circular Economy. We will explain the role of local and regional governments to sustain the development of business models and upscaling. The EU addresses upscaling of projects in various ways, such as the European Urban Agenda and innovation programmes. How can we make the best of local and EU actions that aim to stimulate upscaling and new business models? During this afternoon, we will discuss the insights with a panel of experts from EU and other European innovative regions. And with you!*
* We want the event to be as interactive as possible. From the moment of your registration until the drinks & bites after the event, please don’t hesitate to give us your opinion and ideas!

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